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Introducing the Keg Stacking Sheet… for 1/6th, slim20L, 1/4bbl, slim30L, Euro 50L and the ½ bbl (58.7L) sized straight sided stainless steel Sankey Kegs.

Keg Stacking Sheet

The Keg Stacking Sheet puts far more kegs in the same footprint, by concentrating the layers and eliminates 5” to 6” per layer of non-productive stack height compared to wooden pallets. The vertical space 3 layers of Kegs uses with traditional wooden pallets, now fits 4 layers high with the Keg Stacking Sheet. 25% more Kegs fit in the same height.

This also saves on shipping costs as 25% more Kegs are shipped to the same place for the same freight cost as before!

The Keg Stacker Sheet (KSS) was developed to fit a need for an inexpensive system to make keg stacking safer, more convenient, and more space efficient during storage, handling and transportation. We accomplished all these goals in a product that fits all the Keg sizes using the same sheet, eliminating the need to buy a specific Sheet for each Keg size.

This MADE IN THE U.S.A. product is valuable to Brewers & Distributors alike across North & South America, and benefits both small and large companies alike !

  • No repairing wooden pallets
  • Cut the number of dirty wooden pallets in your brewery by 75%
  • Product life expectancy of 7 to 10 years
  • U.V. resistant, High/Low temperature resistant
  • Made from plastic injection molded heavy duty H.D.P.E.
  • Safer, more stable storage, handling & shipping
  • Easy to handle center hole for ease of use
  • Built in banding slots
  • 1 size fits all Keg sizes!
  • Fits on a standard 45 x 48” pallet
  • Special colours available (price on application)

***fits all fully stainless steel kegs. Kegs with plastic/rubber tops & bottoms may not be suitable for use.

Keg Stacking Systems

Quantity per layer by Keg Size

Keg SizeQuantity per LayerHeight of 3 layers using wooden pallets# of Kegs in 3 layersHeight of 3 layers# of Kegs in 4 layersHeight of 4 layers
1/6th BBL2060 kegs72” plus bottom pallet80 kegs95” plus bottom pallet
¼ BBL1442 kegs72” plus bottom pallet56 kegs95” plus bottom pallet
Euro 50L824 kegs66” plus bottom pallet32 kegs86” plus bottom pallet
½ BBL (58.7L)824 kegs72” plus bottom pallet32 kegs95” plus bottom pallet

** does not include the height of the wooden bottom pallet.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to understand matrix pattern to “locate” your kegs on the sheet
  • All Kegs sizes fit the same sheet, no sorting to select the right size
  • Each keg layer can be a different Keg size
  • You can now typically stack 4 layers of Kegs in the same height that 3 used to stack compared to wooden pallets, which = 30% more Kegs per truck load
  • Safer transport. No Kegs spilling allover the truck, or falling during Forklift manipulation (safety safety safety)
  • The stacking of 4 layers where 3 used to fit = 30% more Kegs in the same footprint in your warehouse for better warehouse efficiencies
  • Large ergonomic center hand hole for easy carrying.
  • Recesses around the periphery to locate banding straps, underside and top side in both directions
  • Sheet locks in Kegs from the underside just as well as from the topside
  • Drastic increase in Keg stacking safety for both the Brewery and all their Distributors
  • Nest together when not in use, taking up very little room
  • Has UV properties for outdoor use, and extreme High/low temperature resistance for all climates
  • Standard 45 x 48” size

Stacking details for Kegs

1/6th BBL / 20 L

20 kegs per layer.
60 legs per stack.
77″ (1953mm) stack height.
based on a 6″ high pallet.

1/4 BBL / 30 L

14 kegs per layer.
42 legs per stack.
80” (2028mm) stack height.
based on a 6″ high pallet.

50 Litre

8 kegs per layer.
24 legs per stack.
72.5” (1839mm) stack height.
based on a 6″ high pallet.

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